Introducing The Culture Punks Project! We’re changing shit up!!

Before explaining what Culture Punks is, I think it is important to state what Culture Punks is not. Culture Punks is not a place to brand bash or cancel, nor is it a place to fight left or right or to woke or unwoke (if that is even a word). It’s not a place to settle grudges. If you’re looking for that, please head to Twitter.

So to what Culture Punks is: Firstly, it is focused on: Purpose, Work Culture and Customer Experience and its North Star (So to speak) is simply The Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated. It is a maxim that is found in most religions and cultures. 

Why not just pick one topic? Why are you focusing on Purpose, Work Culture and Customer Experience?

I believe that these three are intrinsically linked. Without a clear purpose and leadership will fail to meet its potential. If the work culture is toxic then it will affect the employee’s desire to get behind the purpose and put their customers first. If the customer experience is an afterthought, then sales will suffer,

So everything we do and will do will focus on that simple but often forgotten rule. But also, that brands and people can change if they really want to and they must of course, really really want to if they are going to succeed.

Notice: The Culture Punks Project is neither ‘left’ or ‘right’, ‘woke’ nor ‘snowflake’ as I believe that wanting to be treated with respect in the workplace or as a customer is a basic human right, not a political football.

So signup and become a Culture Punk and we’ll be in touch soon.

See you soon,


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